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Creative Loafing presents The Great City Race!

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Atlanta Beltline

Saturday, June 18th - 10:00 a.m.  

Registration:  Park Tavern - 500 10th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309   

(Check In - 9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.)   

Over $500 in cash & prizes!

Portion of proceeds benefits local charities. 

Great City Race is a turbo charged urban adventure, scavenger hunt race.   It's a localized version of the show "Amazing Race", personalized for your city that combines the mental and physical aspects of clue-solving. Enjoy the active excitement of a foot race, while having lots fun with your friends and family! 

When the race begins, teams of two dressed in costumes or similar outfits, will compete against each other to solve 11 out of the 12 clues, each clue will lead teamsto a unique challenge in your city. The quickest teams to return to the finish line after completing all the clues will win cash and prizes.

 In one fun-filled day you and your teammate will experience a thrilling mind and body challenge, perfect for the social adventure seekers.  

Rules are you can only use your feet for running and walking plus public transportation. You must have a digital camera or camera phone. No bikes, cabs, roller blades or personal cars can be used or teams will be disqualified.

The Race should take roughly 2 hours, followed by an after party with awards for the top finishers and  best-in costume contest! First, Second and Third will win cash prizes, with values determined by the number of entries.  

**Registration is for one team with 2 team members.  Only one person needs to register for each team.**

Each team member receives a swag bag, clue sheet, race bibs and an opportunity to experience a great fun day on the Atlanta Beltline.


Great City Race Beltline Prizes

1st Place - $200

2nd Place -$100

3rd-20th (Additional prizes present by Creative Loafing)


Costume Contest Prizes

1st Place - $100.00 Gift Certificates

2nd Place - $50 Gift Certificates 


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